WG CO2 Revolver WG Airsoft Pistol Holster 5 CO2 Cartridges 1,200 BB's for $1.19 at Airsoft Solutions

WG CO2 Revolver WG Airsoft Pistol Holster 5 CO2 Cartridges 1,200 BB's

Regular price $119.95

Introducing this new quick-draw CO2 revolver bundle! This WinGun revolver has a rotary drum and 6” barrel made of tough, resilient nylon and a metal body that will last and last. Bring out your inner cowboy with the WG Sport Long Barrel CO2 Airsoft Revolver. This Airsoft revolver is tough, durable and it packs a punch. It features a long barrel and a rear sight so you always get the perfect shot. This pistol also has a comfortable textured grip and a high quality drum (that flips out just like a real revolver). Most Airsoft revolvers can only be loaded with 6 BB's at a time, but this beast can load up to 8 BB's. If you run out of CO2 gas during the match, don't worry because changing the gas cartridges is easy and super quick. If are looking to purchase an amazing Airsoft Revolver, this WG Sport Long Barrel CO2 Airsoft Revolver will exceed your expectations. WinGun’s patented slide-open grip design makes loading CO2 fast and easy! As a bonus, we’ve included a durable leather holster, five CO2 cartridges, and a bag of premium airsoft BB's so you can start shooting as soon as your order arrives. As a reminder, the leather holster can fit a little snug at first, but will loosen after use.


  • Nylon Rotary Drum and Barrel
  • Patent Opening Grip
  • Adjustable Hammer Spring Energy to Control Velocity
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustable Sights
  • 500 FPS


  • WinGun Airsoft Revolver 
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Three BB Loaders! 
  • 6” Leather Holster 
  • FIVE 12g CO2 Cartridges 
  • 1200 .20g BBs (random color black or white)

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