WellFire MK96 Covert Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle KJW Metal KP06 Gun Package for $3.49 at Airsoft Solutions
WellFire, KJW, P-Force

WellFire MK96 Covert Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle KJW Metal KP06 Gun Package

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Take a look at this amazing Airsoft lot combo package that includes a high end covert bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, a high power airsoft blowback pistol, gun and magazine holster, 4,000 .23g high quality airsoft bb's, airsoft bb shooting target with retrieval trap, easy airsoft bb loader, a can of silicone lube spray and a propane adapter. This does not include all the extras that come with each gun, (see "package contents") so you are getting an amazing package deal that practically comes with everything you need to get started playing right out of the package! The description and specifications of each item are listed below for your convenience and for you to review...

WellFire MK96 Covert Bolt Action Sniper Rifle:

The WellFire MK96 Covert Bolt Action Sniper Rifle runs 44 inches long with a unique thumb hole design that lowers the overall weight and results in decreased fatigue, making this the sniper rifle designed for all players. Featuring a 7-inch optics rail for magnified scopes, a bottom picatinny rail segment for bipods, and an FPS rating of 390 w/ 0.20g BBs, this is the perfect outdoor airsoft field sniper rifle. If you’re looking for a modern bolt action sniper rifle with an improved ergonomic design, and an upgradable platform, the WellFire MK96 Covert Sniper Rifle is perfect for you! 


  •  Full metal outer barrel assembly
  •  Impact-resistant polymer body
  •  Shoots up to 390 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
  •  Unique thumbhole stock
  •  Bottom rail for bipods
  •  7-inch top optics rail
  •  Fully adjustable hop-up unit
  •  Integrated bolt safety
  •  Rubberized buttplate

  • Operation:  Bolt Action
  • Build:  Metal Outer Barrel / Polymer Body
  • Firing Modes:  Single Shot
  • Muzzle Velocity:  390 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
  • Magazine:  35 rounds
  • Hop-Up:  Adjustable
  • Weight:  6.5 pounds
  • Overall Length:  44” in.

KJW Full Metal KP06 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Introducing this very popular High End Green Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol. This Airsoft Gun has a durable full metal construction design making it a durable and a long lasting airsoft gun. Able to fire in semi automatic firing mode you can go in guns blazing. This GBB pistol is also CO2 compatible. (CO2 magazines sold separately) Even with this fire power you don't need to worry about running out of ammo anytime soon with the 32 round capacity magazine that is included. This awesome airsoft handgun comes with everything you need to get started! 


  • 1:1 Full Size Scale (Realistic Size)
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Overall 10" Length
  • Heavy Weight & Realistic
  • Tool-less Hop-up Adjustment 
  • Functional On Frame Safety Switch & Grip Safety
  • Functional Slide Lock
  • Gunner Grip
  • Railed Frame
  • Magazine Well Sleeve
  • Green Fiber Optic Sights
  • Includes a green gas magazine
  • 350-370 fps
  • KJW Gas/CO2 Powered Blowback Airsoft Pistol
  • Original Colored Packaging
  • Instruction Manual
  • 32 Round Green Gas Magazine
  • Sample Package of BB's

Also included in this Airsoft Combo Package:
  • One 4,000 count bag of P-Force High Quality .23g airsoft bb's
  • Pistol & Magazine Holster
  • One can of P-Force Silicone Lube Oil Spray .50g
  • One Easy Airsoft BB Loader
  • One Propane Adapter 
  • Airsoft BB Shooting Target with Retrieval Trap
  • Please check under "Package Contents" to see what extras come with each Airsoft Gun/Rifle

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