Well L96 Spring Air Soft Sniper Rifle for $1.69 at Airsoft Solutions

Well L96 Spring Air Soft Sniper Rifle

Regular price $169.95

Presenting the Well L96 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Folding Stock! This item features an integrated top and front rail system, ergonomic pistol grip design, safety switch function, metal barrel and bolt, folding stock, and an adjustable hop-up system. With a firing speed of up to 440 FPS this gun is sure to please! Equip yourself with this gun in any Airsoft game to take out all your targets with ease!


 Product Features:

·         Full Realistic Size & Feel

·         Safety Switch Function

·         Top Scope Rail

·         Adjustable Hop-up

·         Adjustable Cheek Pad

·         Adjustable Butt Stock

·         Ergonomics Pistol Grip

·         Metal Barrel and Bolt

·         Build-in monopod

·         Flash Hider


  • Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

  • Instruction Manual

  • 35 rounds magazine

  • Package of sample bb’s

  • Cleaning Rod

  • EZ loader

Take cover and snipe your opponents from far away with this collection of the best airsoft sniper rifles. Airsoft sniper rifles are a very attractive option for new airsoft players and can help you gain the edge you need. Stay hidden and take out your opponents with shots fired from a distance. A sniper airsoft gun increases you ability to survive the game while you pick off your opponents one by one. These sniper airsoft guns offer great accuracy and speed. They are available in many different camouflage colors to fit the terrain where your game is taking place. Whether you are playing in the desert, woods or indoors, we have the perfect sniper rifle airsoft gun for you. Depending on your taste in weaponry, we have the styles and features you require in an airsoft master sniper rifle. Check out our selection of the different makes and models of sniper rifles for pin-point accuracy for long-distance shooting.

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