WELL Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle WG CO2 Sport Airsoft Revolver for $3.49 at Airsoft Solutions

WELL Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle WG CO2 Sport Airsoft Revolver

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Take a look at this awesome Huge Airsoft Lot Combo Package that includes a High End Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, a CO2 Revolver Airsoft Pistol with an extra magazine loader, a nice holster to go with your revolver, 10 CO2 cartridges, 4,350 .23g high quality airsoft bb's, a can of silicone lube spray, and a pair of safety glasses. (random color) This does not include all the extras that come with each gun, so you are going to receive a package that practically comes with everything you need to get started playing right out of the package! The description and specifications of each item are listed below for you to review...


WELL MB4405A Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Under Body Rail Flash Hider:

Presenting the Well Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle! This item features a safety switch function, adjustable hop-up system, ergonomic pistol grip, fluted barrel, and a flash suppressor. With a firing speed of up to 390 FPS this gun is sure to please! Equip yourself with this gun in any Airsoft game to take out all your targets with ease!



  • Full Realistic Size & Feel
  • Safety Switch Function
  • Top Scope Rail
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Adjustable Butt Stock
  • Ergonomics Pistol Grip
  • Metal Barrel and Bolt
  • Flash Hider
  • 390 FPS



  • Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle 
  • Instruction Manual 
  • 35 rounds magazine 
  • Package of sample bb’s 
  • Cleaning Rod 
  • Speed loader 
  • Sling 
  • Tools 
  • Hex Key  


WinGun CO2 Airsoft Revolver

Bring out your inner cowboy with the WG Sport Long Barrel CO2 Gas Airsoft Revolver. This Airsoft revolver is tough, durable and it packs a punch. It features a long barrel and a rear sight so you always get the perfect shot. This pistol also has a comfortable textured grip and a high quality drum (that flips out just like a real revolver). Most Airsoft revolvers can only be loaded with 6 BB's at a time, but this beast can load up to 8 BB's. If you run out of CO2 gas during the match, don't worry because changing the gas cartridges is easy and super quick. If are looking to purchase an amazing Airsoft Revolver, this WG Sport Long Barrel CO2 Gas Airsoft Revolver will exceed your expectations. As a reminder, the leather holster can fit a little snug at first, but will loosen after use.


·         Nylon Rotary Drum and Barrel 

·         Patent Opening Grip 

·         Adjustable Hammer 

·         Spring Energy to Control Velocity 

·         Windage/Elevation 

·         Adjustable Sights 

·         500 FPS 



  • WinGun Airsoft Revolver


  • 3 x Magazine Loaders


  • Instruction manual


  • Sample Pack of BB’s

Also Included:
  • One 4,350 count bag of P-Force High Quality .23g airsoft bb's 
  • 6" Nylon Holster 
  • One can of P-Force Silicone Lube Oil Spray .50g 
  • One pair of high impact safety shooting glasses (Random color) 
  • One extra airsoft bb loader for the revolver 
  • One package of ten CO2 cartridges to get you started 
  • Please check under "Package Contents" to see what extras come with each Airsoft Gun/Rifle

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