WE M1911 2MAG Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol with BB Velcro Target Trap Tent for $1.59 at Airsoft Solutions

WE M1911 2MAG Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol with BB Velcro Target Trap Tent

Regular price $159.94

If you're looking for a serious airsoft pistol then you need to go with this green gas airsoft pistol. With fire power of 350 FPS this airsoft pistol is perfect for CQB scenarios. The durable body makes the gun feel solid and gives it a realistic weight. The WE M1911 fires in semi automatic and features blowback and slide lock so the slide will move back and forth when the gun is fired and will lock open when all the BBs in the magazine are fired making it one of the most realistic airsoft guns out there. So if you're looking for a great green gas gun then do yourself a favor and get the Green Gas WE M1911 Blowback Airsoft Pistol today!

As a part of this combo package is this BB Trap Target Tent. Do you want to shoot something but don’t want to clean up after? Too hot or too cold to go outside to the field to shoot the target? Here is a perfect item for you. This new portable BB trap target tent is a perfect target for you to play everywhere you want. It is lightweight, easy storage, environment friendly, and easy to clean. The tent material is nylon. The interior has special design to reduce the impact and trap the BB's inside the tent and it keep the tent life last longer. The Velcro design gives you the option to use your own patch(s) and your own target to shoot. What are you waiting for? Grab this tent and play anywhere you want today!



  • Green Gas Powered
  • Blow Back Technology
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Includes 2x 16 RD Magazines
  • 1:1 Scale
  • Ambidextrous Slide Safety
  • Functional Grip Safety 
  • Semi Automatic
  • Forward Cocking Serrations
  • Under Barrel Rail for Attachements
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Textured Polymer Grip
  • Shorty 4.3S

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