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Sport 731 Silver CO2 Air Soft Revolver

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WG CO2 Powered Air Soft Non Blowback Revolver Airsoft Pistol 4" Barrel Gun

Introducing this amazing Sport 731 Silver Full Metal CO2 Airsoft Revolver! This Airsoft revolver is tough, durable and made out of full metal parts. It packs a punch with a FPS of 350! It features a 2.5 inch barrel and a front sight, so you always get the perfect shot. This pistol also has a comfortable textured grip and a high quality drum (that flips out just like a real revolver). It also comes with 6 BB shell casings which look like real bullets. Just load the BB's into the casings and put the casings into the drum. If you run out of CO2 gas during the match, don't worry because changing the gas cartridges is easy. When you need something small to fully compliment your arsenal, the Sport 731 Silver FPS-400 Full Metal CO2 Airsoft Revolver will do the job nicely.


  • CO2 Powered
  • High Quality Full Metal Construction
  • High Powered
  • Front Sight
  • Textured Grip


  • Sport 731 Silver FPS-400 Full Metal CO2 Airsoft Revolver
  • 6 BB Shell Casings
  • Sample BBs


  • FPS: 400 (Using .20g BBs)
  • Drum Capacity: 6
  • Gun Length: 8 Inches

This is a CO2 powered Airsoft Pistol which means that it uses CO2 Gas as a propellant. It shoots hard and fast and is extremely lifelike. One feature many CO2 Airsoft Guns have is blowback, meaning that as the BB is propelled forward the slide thrusts backward mimicking the kick of a real gun! This CO2 Airsoft Pistol doesn't require any pumping just simply point and shoot. This is a high end CO2 Airsoft gun. Please only use .20 gram high quality BBs with this item in order to keep it in working order. Using anything else as ammunition for this gun will void the warranty and may cause it to jam. You will need to purchase CO2 for this gun separately.

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