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P-Force All Purpose Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray

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A must have item if you wish to engage in any type of shooting sport. Properly lubricate your Airsoft gun will resolve 90% of the problems experienced on an air soft gas model gun. This is also true for airsoft AEG and snipers rifles. Most Airsoft / Real fire-arm malfunction situations are caused by frictions caused by "dried up internals" and "excess build up of dust and powders", in which proper lubrication will resolve. It is the reason professional shooters will always keep their weapons well lubricated for maximum performance.

Product Capacity: 50ml
Application: Purposed for general Airsoft maintenance and lubrication for gears, seals, o-rings, plastic parts, and more.

Features / Applications:
  • Used for all Airsoft guns and real-steel hand guns
  • Prevent jamming and reduce wear and tear
  • Enables smooth operation
  • Enhance your gun's performance, longevity and accuracy
  • Enhance bb feeding
  • Inflate air seal o-rings on valves with dried o-ring
  • Check for defective o-ring and air leakage

  • Recommendations for Airsofters:
    • AEG & GBB: Spray into the magazine bb chamber periodically to prevent dust building up in bb chamber and barrel
    • Valves: Spray into the gas in and out valves to check for leakage and to inflate the dried o-ring seal
    • To prevent magazine air leaking
    • Silicone oils are used by technicians all over the world to test gas leakage, o-rings and valves
    • Gas Blowback: It is a MUST that you lubricate your gun and keep it oiled for expected performance
    • There are a lot of internal assembly that may not work properly when dried

    How often should I need to lubricate my Airsoft gun? Depending on usage, if you feel like the gun is not functionally smoothly, lubricate it. It takes a quick lubrication to tell the difference. If you had your equipment put away for a long period of time, make it a good habit to lubricate it again before use.

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